Monday, August 20, 2007

Inspiration today - Erik vervroegen

Erik started his career as an art director in Belgium, but eventually left to South Africa where after only one year became the highest ranked creative in the country, and one year later, the most awarded creative. In 2002 Erik became Executive Creative Director at TBWA Paris and in September 2003, President and Executive Creative director. Two years later, TBWA Paris was the 2nd best creative agency in the world, a little later the agency had 10 lions including the 2003 Grand Prix. Erik has also been voted Best Creative Director in France for 3 years in a row. This year Erik took 12 Clios and in Cannes he brought back the Agency of the Year award to TBWA Paris for the fourth year in a row.

With his leather pants, long hair and scrubby beard, Erik Vervroegen could easily pass off as Keith Richard’s nephew. During the night, his close friends call him the ‘Lizard King’ (perhaps because of his table dancing abilities), but during the days they simply refer to him as 'The best art director in the world'. I met Erik in Palm Springs where he was judging the Clio Print work and it was very clear that his presence eradiated respect from all the other Clio judges. The next time I saw Erik he was going up and down the stage picking up awards at the Clio Festival and again the same thing happened at Cannes when I finally decided to pick his brain and find out what the secret of his success was. Erik is plain and simply one of the most talented, modest, funniest and nicest guys you will ever meet in advertising.

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